As we found out that most siblings fight because of space, annoying each other, ownership of items, and privacy, we have come up with a few recommendations to solve the problem.

     If the siblings share a room, they can do their work (homework, etc) they can alternate where they do their work. E.g: one does it in the room, another in the dining room, etc. And so as not to spark arguments of where to do their work, they can rotate where they'll work at among themselves. This can help solve privacy as well as lack of personal space.

     Miscommunication is also a cause for the arguments. As siblings, you still have to spend time together to understand what each of you enjoy these days. So, you should keep in mind that you and your siblings still spend time together! Talk to your families during meal times and do activities (sports, watching TV shows that you both like, etc) with your siblings during your free time or during the holidays. As much as you would want personal space and privacy, you do not want to become distant from your siblings as well.

     If siblings are fighting over items (iPad, TV remote, etc), you can think before you quarrel. Firstly, take into account of who is the owner of the item. Also, be willing to lend it to them if you are not using it, it's not like they're going to break it purposely. Secondly, who was using it first? If your sibling has just started using it, you can strike a deal to use it after a while. If both of you want to watch different TV programmes at the same time, just agree on who would watch their programme of their choice while the other can watch it on catch-up TV.

     Parents also play an important role in sibling rivalry. If their children are fighting, they shouldn't just reprimand them. They should let them be and solve the problem on their own (unless it get's out of hand). If parents interfere too many times, the children might be too dependent over parents' help. They might even feel that the parents are in favour of the other sibling. This might spark another argument. Also, prevent making comparisons between the siblings. For instance, "When Tammy was your age, she scored full marks for science. Why can't you?". Each child feel that they are an unique individual, and they would hate being evaluated based on someone else. Parents should give the child their own goals and expectations, instead of comparing them to the other. Parents can also bring the whole family out on outing to places you all enjoy to bond (movies, theme parks, gardens, etc).

There are many solutions to this problem. However, the simplest solution of all is to forgive and forget. Don't hold a grudge for to long! :) 

Smile and cherish the moments you have with your loved ones!!


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