Data Analysis

This is the data findings for the first question, which was "Do you have any siblings, if so how many?"
Our hypothesis was that the smaller the age gap, the more frequent the amount of fights, which is proven somewhat right in the data collected. The age gaps with the most amount of fights occurring are 3, 4 and 5 and as the age gaps increase, the frequency of the fights decrease. 
Another conclusion that we came to from evaluating the data was that students with siblings of both genders fight the most frequently, followed by students with male siblings only and students with female siblings only.
These are our findings from the data we collected regarding what students and their siblings fight about. From the pie chart, it is easy to see that annoyance and space are the top 2 topics that students and their siblings fight about.

We asked a question about if students' parents interfered in their squabbles with their siblings and if they did, how so. The above is our findings. The most common way of interfering is by reprimanding them.


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